Sim Racing and Virtual Reality Gaming

Hi, my name's Neil,
I'm an esports Sim Racer and virtual reality [VR] gaming live streamer on Mixer.

Sim Racing and VR gaming are my passion, so I plan to create various online PC racing leagues soon, which I will be commentating on. I aim to host and live stream racing leagues every week, details of which will be added here as soon as they are ready. Currently looking to run: Project Cars 2, Dirt Rally 2.0 and KartKraft.

I do plan to play and stream other VR and none VR games where I'll be more involved on screen chatting. Im a big fan of story driven and adventure RPG games. I may also make the odd IRL stream about cooking, DIY, home automation and technology.

Be sure to hit 'Follow' on my Mixer Channel to know when I go live.

You can join me on Discord and also follow me at twitter, facebook, Instagram, Steam.
Thanks for checking out my site.

Under construction :-P

Mixer VOD embeds are currently broken, I've told them about it a few times now. :-/

See my latest livestream VOD below!

Link to this

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