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Hi, my name's Neil, welcome to my website dedicated to my Mixer Channel where I currently have 49 followers. I love Virtual Reality and own a HTC Vive.

I enjoy VR games that are immersive and story driven. I also enjoy racing (Car) games. 2d wise, adventure RPG games such as Telltales The Walking Dead are my favorite genre. Games like this deserve to be live streamed without interruption so that's what I do.

I will be playing games where I'll be more involved on screen chatting, and I try to chat with as many people as possible! I may also make the odd IRL stream about technology, home automation, DIY along with reviews of products I personally recommend and use.

Be sure to hit 'Follow' on my Mixer Channel to know when I go live.

You can join me on Discord and also follow me at twitter, facebook, Instagram, Steam, google plus.
Thanks for checking out my site.

Under construction :-P

See my latest livestream VOD below!

The Walking Dead Season 1

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