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ARC Camaro League

🏁 ARC Camaro Sim Racing League. These little 11k RPM screamers are for the thrill seeking sim racer! Half size silhouette race cars [ARC], powered by 1300cc bike engines. Space frame chassis, rear wheel drive and a lot of fast and furious fun!

The current TekNeil Sim Racing [TSR] ARC Camaro standings, calendar, results and more can be seen here. Be sure to Sign up if you fancy having a go!

ARC Camaro statistics:
BHP: 110 | Torque: 162Nm | Weight: 594Kg | RWD | 5 speed SEQ

*R = Races. *W = Wins. *Pts = Points.

12/12 driver spots filled.
No driver spots available.

Be sure to keep an eye on the league to see if a driver spot becomes free. You can also check the other TSR leagues.

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