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Chevette League

🏁 Oldskool cool sim racer?
Our Chevette Sim Racing League is for you. A stiffly sprung, rear wheel drive normally aspirated classic car makes for fun and close racing! Lacking any modern technology, needing to be thrown around with basic throttle control and opposite lock also makes our Chevette league a great choice for beginners.

The current TekNeil Sim Racing [TSR] Chevette standings, calendar, results and more can be seen here. Be sure to Sign up if you fancy having a go!

Chevette statistics:
BHP: 150 | Torque: 179Nm | Weight: 920Kg | RWD | 5 speed manual

*R = Races. *W = Wins. *Pts = Points.

12/12 driver spots filled.
No driver spots available.

Be sure to keep an eye on the league to see if a driver spot becomes free. You can also check the other TSR leagues.

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