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TekNeil Sim Racing

Welcome to [TSR] TekNeil Sim Racing.
Online car sim racing leagues for esports drivers.

We focus on beginner or rookie sim racers, but all are welcome.
Our Sim Racing Leagues utilise the game Automobilista 2 [AMS2] on PC, and we race the following cars on various tracks: ARC Camaro, Caterham 620R, Caterham Superlight, Chevette, Formula 3, Mitsubishi Lancer, SuperKart. Very much considering that if this whole idea goes ahead, concentrating on a more 'Beginner' aspect.

The TSR leagues are also live streamed on Mixer every week and later uploaded to Youtube for your viewing pleasure.

Whether you're a Sim Racing beginner, experienced or just want to sit back and watch your favorite driver, friend, family member, be sure to join us!
Be fast to follow, or sign up and race with us!

Applications Closed
Applications Closed

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Team TekNeil Sim Racing is made up of five drivers from our leagues. Our virtual racing team participates in race events against other sim racing communities and we also compete in organised races within the Automobilista 2 community.

Our team drivers are chosen on various attributes, we don't just want 'The fastest drivers'. At TSR we want drivers who know how to race close but safely on track, think battles over various laps providing door to door entertainment. Drivers who represent us have shown to have the utmost respect regards sim racing etiquette no matter their speed.

5/5 driver spots filled.

Current sim racing leagues
Car raced - League spots
ARC Camaro - 0
Caterham 620R - 5
Caterham Superlight - 12
Chevette - 0
Formula 3 - 1
Mitsubishi Lancer - 0
Superkart - 0

My name's Neil or Tek, an esports Sim Racer and virtual reality [VR] gaming live streamer on Mixer. Sim Racing and VR gaming are my passion. Be sure to hit 'Follow' on my Mixer Channel to know when I go live.

You can join me on Discord and also follow me on twitter, facebook, Instagram, Steam.
Thanks for checking out TSR.

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