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Automobilista 2 Leagues

Official [TSR] Automobilista 2 Leagues

Here are the current [AMS2] sim racing leagues we run for beginner, rookie and experienced sim racers. Chevette, Caterham Academy, Caterham Superlight.

League details:

Start: 7:30pm (UK Time).
Quali: 10 mins | Race: 20 mins
Car setup: Default | Damage: Full
Tyre wear: Authentic | Fuel use: Off
See each league for further information.

Applications Open
Applications Open

BHP: 121 | Torque: 158Nm | Weight: 620Kg | RWD | 5 speed manual

Our Automobilista 2 Caterham Academy League, is ideal for beginner sim racers. With an open differential, road tyres and light weight chasssis, the caterham academy is great for learning throttle control to minimise single wheel spin.


2/12 driver spots filled.

Potential [AMS2] Leagues.

Here are some Automobilista 2 leagues we are considering racing in the future. If you would like to show your interest, click the 'Interested' button which will take you to the relevant post on our discord server which you can react and reply to.

Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

Chevrolet Chevette

BHP: 123 | Torque: 125Nm | Weight: 900Kg | RWD | 5 speed manual

Our Automobilista 2 Chevette League is a great choice for sim racing beginners. A stiffly sprung, rear wheel drive normally aspirated classic car makes for fun and close racing!


1/12 potential spots filled.

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