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AMS2 Chevette League

🏁 Our Chevette [AMS2] Automobilista 2 League is a great choice for sim racing beginners. A stiffly sprung, rear wheel drive normally aspirated classic car makes for fun and close racing! Lacking any modern technology, needing to be thrown around with basic throttle control and opposite lock makes this league a fun choice.

The current TekNeil Sim Racing [TSR] Chevette standings, calendar, results and more can be seen here. Be sure to Sign up if you fancy having a go!

BHP: 123 | Torque: 125Nm | Weight: 900Kg | RWD | 5 speed manual

*R = Races. *W = Wins. *Pts = Points.

1/12 driver spots filled.
Applications open! You may choose one of the car numbers below to use for the season. Be sure to sign up and join us.

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About the Chevette

BHP: 123 | Torque: 125Nm | Weight: 900Kg | RWD | 5 speed manual

Automobilista 2 utilises the series 1 1973 Chevrolet Chevette manufactured by General Motors do Brazil founded in 1925, Sao Paulo.

Driving the Chevette requires and oldschool approach, it is stiffy sprung and relatively light on the rear. Being that it does not use a Limited slip differential [LSD] means that braking requires a light touch deep into corners, and acceleration requires some finesse to minimise the spin up of an inside rear wheel.

At hard apexes or long sweeping corners, the Chevette is quite well balanced and any loss of the rear can easily be controlled with opposite lock and feathering of the throttle.

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