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AMS2 Formula 3 League

🏁 Our Formula 3 [AMS2] Automobilista 2 league is ideal for online racers who enjoy downforce, but without F1 style electronics. We use the Formula F309 with its lightweight chassis and exciting brake horse power/torque figures.
Slipstream and braking are key for extra tenths on the race track.

The current TekNeil Sim Racing [TSR] Formula 3 standings, calendar, results and more can be seen here. Be sure to Sign up if you fancy having a go!

Formula 3 statistics:
BHP: 285 | Torque: 264Nm | Weight: 560Kg | RWD | 6 speed SEQ

*R = Races. *W = Wins. *Pts = Points

11/12 driver spots filled.
Only one spot remaining! You may use the car number shown below for the season. Be sure to sign up and join us.

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